How to translate plugins?

If your website language is not English, you can translate the plugin using the language file provided. Please search the internet if you are not sure how to translate WordPress plugins.

You can also use Loco Translate ( to translate the plugin to your desire language. If you translated the plugin and would like to share your language files so other users can use them, please email me and I will include them in the next release.

The POT file is located in /languages/ folder.

Please backup your custom language files if you are deleting the plugin and uploading it again! (for method 2 updating)

Advanced Business Hours Translation Special Note:

When translating the weekdays for Advanced Business Hours, please make sure your translation match WordPress translation:

Go to Settings > General to see how WordPress translated weekdays in your language. This plugin is case sensitive, so if Monday is translated to maandag, use Loco and translate Monday to maandag (not Maandag). Then using custom css, you can capitalize the weekdays.