How to add holiday/special days hours?

To add holidays simply click on the holidays tab:

Then fill out the information similar to the given structure. It requires the following information:



Holiday Name

ex: Christmas

Holiday Date

ex: 12/25

Start Time

ex: 10:00 AM

End Time

ex: 3:00 PM

Holiday Date should be in this format MONTH_NUMBER/DAY_NUMBER without any leading zeros. For example December 25 will be 12/25, July 24 will 7/24 and etc. You do not have to enter a year!

Add more than one holiday

Once you enter the first holiday, save the widget and another set of holiday fields will appear.

Delete a holiday

To delete a holiday, remove all fields (holiday name, date, start and end time) and save the widget.

Add holiday message in the header

To add a custom message for the header during holidays, go to the general settings tab and enter your message:

the final result will look like this:

Disable holiday header

if you want to show a regular header during a holiday, just make sure the holiday message for header is empty. If you leave that field empty and it is holiday, then the regular header is shown.